Are Negative Thoughts Troubling You?

Most athletes are familiar with when it is not going exactly as they would have liked and the negative thoughts start going.

In this course I teach you exactly step by step how you can deal with those negative thoughts and turn them around.

Stop feeling bad unnecessarily and take this step towards becoming a mentally stronger athlete.

Is this you?

✔️ As soon as things don't go exactly as you would have liked negative thoughts start coming up
✔️ You get irritated and stop being able to focus
✔️ Your performance gets worse and worse and you just get more irritated
✔️ You start breaking yourself down and feel bad
✔️ You want to fix this but you just don't know how to do it

I know this all too well myself, I was exactly there as well and I worked so hard to find solutions! Now you can take advantage of my solutions and learn from my experience.

How does this sound instead?

✔️ As soon se things aren't going as you would have liked you know exactly how to react
✔️ Irritation does not take over and you can stay focused
✔️ You talk to yourself in a constructive way
✔️ You feel good and are performing much better in training and in competition
✔️ You have full access whenever you like to advice built on 20 years of experience from a triple Olympian

I know this is possible because I have done this myself!


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One last thing...

I remember how difficult it was for me to deal with setbacks and how often I underperformed just because I stood in my own way. The mistake I made was thinking for too long that I could deal with this myself.

It wasn’t until I started working with a sports psychologist and reading up on this that I realised how much I had sabotaged myself. Had I started this work earlier I am certain that I would have performed even better.

Don’t make the same mistakes I made because the toughest thought we are left with after the career is “What if…?”.