The Road to Elite

If you are looking for a talk about how we can set goals and break them down, have the right mindset in a competition, deal with injuries and combine sport and education then the talk The Road To Elite is something for you.
In this one hour talk I share my experience and the methods I used to make it to three Olympic games and finish a PhD at the same time. I talk specifically about how your athletes can use those methods in their lives to perform at their absolute best. Included is a project booklet to support them in getting what we talk about done.

How is the talk performed?

  1. I perform the talk in live stream
  2. You buy a recording of the talk for your group
  3. I show up when travel restrictions allow
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Here is what others had to say about the talk

Dr. Hafrún Kristjánsdóttir

- Sport psychologist and Head of the department of sport science at the University of Reykjavík

Ásdís told the students about her career and the challenges that she has faced brilliantly. The talk increased the student’s understanding of the tools you can use to be successful in sports and in life itself.

Frímann Ari Ferdinandsson

- President of the elite and national team committee of the Icelandic badminton federation

Ásdís had a talk for our national team about how she trains, how she sets goals and works with them, how she prepares for competition and behaves during the competition. Ásdís performed brilliantly and she has a lot of experience from her long sports career as well as being a great role model for the country’s sports youth.

Kári Jónsson

- Head Coach of Ármann athletics

 The talk was educational and interesting while at the same time giving the young people instructions about the most important things in sport and life itself. The stories bring life to the talk and the enthusiasm of the speaker for the material shines through. Great!

Anders Walther

- Javelin education at the Swedish athletic Federation

 Ásdís had a very successful talk for our junior elite group. She spoke with knowledge and commitment, backed up by a professional presentation. She gave the juniors great tools to take their careers to the next level.

Örvar Ólafsson

- Project leader at Elite and Olympic division at ÍSÍ

 Ásdís had an interesting talk for young and upcoming athletes from various sports at ÍSÍ elite camp. She reached the kids well with well presented and to the point material.