Achieve Success

If you are looking for a talk about how we can become the best version of ourselves and increase our productivity through goal setting, positive mindset and good all-round health then the talk Achieve Success is something for you.
In this one hour talk I share my experience and the methods I used to make it to three Olympic games and finish a PhD at the same time. I talk specifically about how your people can use those methods in their lives to be more successful. Included is a project booklet to support them in getting what we talk about done.

How is the talk performed?

  1. I perform the talk in live stream
  2. You buy a recording of the talk for your group
  3. I show up when travel restrictions allow
Are you an individual who just wants to see the talk?
Don't worry you can buy 10 day access to it here:

Here is what others had to say about the talk

Bergrún Lilja Sigurjónsdóttir

- Career development manager at VÍS

The talk was a success with our staff. Ásdís was lively, with a strong demeanor, and spoke with enthusiasm and sincerity. She is a great role model in a positive mindset and delivered the material well despite being in a teleconference.

Sandra Ósk Jóhannsdóttir

- Project manager of talks and courses at VR

 We got Ásdís to have an electronic talk for VR members in the spring of 2021. It was absolutely amazing how much enthusiasm and power she managed to flow through the screen. The talk is lively, fun and easy to connect with the examples she takes. I think her sincerity shines through when she takes an example of herself and how she has faced challenges over the years to achieve outstanding results.

Ólafur Kári Júlíusson

- Human resources specialist at Landsnet

 It was a pleasure to listen to Ásdís talking about goal setting and achieving results. Throughout the talk you could feel her enthusiasm and experience with the topic; suffice it to say, she had no problems keeping us focused. The examples she used to emphasize her message were both human and very relevant to the daily lives of „normal“ people, you don‘t have to be a star athlete to understand her message. She successfully related her experience and journey to three Olympic Games, the pain and effort, the determination and the absolute mind-boggling grit required to get there. All this experience she managed to deliver nicely and got us to think about these aspects in our own daily lives. I am thankful for having had the opportunity to listen to her approach to challenges and adversity.

Eva Demireva

- Human Resources ORIGO

 Ásdís came to us with the talks “Achieve success” which was both professional and motivating. Her talk inspired our staff and she gave us tools to work with in goal setting and positive mindset. I cannot recommend Ásdís enough as a speaker!

Katrín Salima Dögg Ólafsdóttir

- Project leader at the police educational center

The talk was amazing, motivating and a good reminder that you can always do better but at the same time reminding yourself that you are enough. It goes well together.

Silja Úlfarsdóttir

- President of Ljónshjarta organisation

 Ásdís had her talk “Achieve success” for the members of Ljónshjarta organisation. Ásdís talked about goal setting and broke it down well and gave good examples from her own experience. This was a great talk and now we will break down our goals and achieve them.

Erla Björk Gísladóttir

- Human resources specialist at Sjóvá

 Ásdís had a talk for our staff about achieving success. The talk was well presented where she talked about her experience of achieving success and how we can use tools to push ourselves out of our comfort zone and going even further on our journey to achieving success.